Finding first client for your new venture?

Keywords: customer development, first client, startup client, customer acquisition

Scenario: For startups, getting your first client is most important to acquire realistic learning.

To get start and find the clients, I would like to suggest followings guideline:
  • build a strong team, technical and business development(who will find clients for you). Initially any of founders may take this responsibility but it would be better to find someone with good networking and communication skills. It's highly recommended for technical co-founders.
  • built a elegant portfolio, that should reflect your tech expertise with outcome(popularity or commercial milestone achieved by your work). If you didn't have any you may state about your existing FTSE100 work assignments at a abstract level(by hiding clients and business information smartly).
  • create a strategy that clearly define the kind of clients(organisations or individuals) you want to target, budget, tech stack & time frame. Now try to figure out their business/market requirements to identify what kind of solutions(like chatbot, custom hardware etc) they might be looking for.
  • now create a pitch deck (3 to 9 pages long maximum) by aggregating all above insights and highlight why you should be the best people for such work. Don't put any information about your service fees/pricing.
  • if you want to reduce the competitions then pitch on quality rather pricing

To identify prospect clients, you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator premium account(its free for first month) and other social media groups, visit most of startup events to promote your services, approach incubators/co-working spaces/industry meet-up events etc. Don't forget to use your pitch deck with industry knowledge you have gathered/analysed.

Use your network, pass the words to all your direct/indirect contacts and ask them to refer you (not your venture, because you've more credibility) for advice(an easy ways to understand client requirements) or assignments.

Initially focus more on building a good relationship than profit.
If you find any difficulty in doing these steps, then I would recommend you to find a business expert co-founder/partner first.

At startups, everything is tough initially but with your daily efforts it becomes handy. Same is true about life.


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