Team building : finding a business leader or co-founder

Scenarios :
  1. You've stabilised a business at your home locality and now looking for new business partner to scale globally
  2. You're a technical founder who have just launch your product first time and now looking to find a business or sales leader to start your operations
  3. You're a first time entrepreneur and looking to add a business co-founder or partner.

First of all you need to conduct the market research to identify target audiences (for ex. buyer, user, external partners) and their behaviour analysis, present competitors, estimated cost of customer acquisition (per product/service), cost of service delivery as per regional regulation and external partners interest, training and support expenses, estimated monthly operations volume with opex, technology & infrastructure expenses (if applicable), financial transactions surcharges (if applicable) etc. This analysis will help you to determine the efforts required to achieve your commercial goals and to outline your business strategies. You may calculate this estimation for a year or two time frame only.

Now you can evaluate a business professional expertise on following parameters:
  • Relationship builder: how many people know him(reference check), how his peer describe him(linkedIn recommendation/endorsement/comments on post/articles), how he responds publicly to his peer/connections, how much he support others etc.
  • Owning overall commercial strategy with success: ability to create and maintain sales funnels & pipelines.
    • Strategic demand generation: ability to understands people pain points & motivations to identify gaps, and apply this knowledge to hunt new prospects
    • Client hunter: ability to identify, approach and negotiate with clients
  • Communication, presentation & negotiation skills
  • Creating sales and marketing contents/collateral
  • Leadership, mentoring and team building
  • Defining innovative process & frameworks
You may attract these talents via:
  • posting an advertisement on startup community forum like here, at , , etc.
  • putting a post in startup community group/page at LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Quora.
  • using LinkedIn sales navigator(for faster response) or general account to find prospects.
Similarly, you may approach investor, adviser and other team mates, easily.


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