Problem solving approach


I use a systematic, iterative and efficient approach to solve complex problems, as following ways:-

1. Define the present stage, desired future stage, environmental scope and constraints.

- performing heavy research and analysis on market trends, competition, data, business process, user and stakeholder needs.

2. Gather insights to define the problem statement and deliver proven hypothesis

- understanding the problem by breaking it into individual issues, generating, prioritizing and evaluating hypothesis (against user reviews, surveys, dummy functional demo or walkthroug, mvp experiemnts, inshights share by the subject experts, and direct customer interviews).

3. Brainstroming (with wireframing) to discover solutions(having highest business impact) for proven hypothesis.

- for chosen hypothesis, Conducting a number of brainstorming sessions with subject experts, user experience designers, engineers, data scientist or business teams in order to come up with potential solutions.

- defining solution guiding principles, success metrics, abstract solution idea for proven hypothesis.


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