Product Leadership Guidelines

 Product leadership includes product lifecycle management, people operations and achievement of organizational goals.

 Product Leadership Principles:

  • Identify and define what you and your team believes about the products and its impact on the intended audience and industrial/social ecosystem.
  • Focus on a) reducing workflow friction for all users and stakeholders, b) achieving the organization's goals, and, c) impacting the industrial or social ecosystem.
  • Make sure the product strategy aligns with the overall organizational goals and its mission objectives.
  • Estimate and secure required resources (eg human, technology, time) and money (eg investment, revenue).
  • Build and coach teams of self-motivated, focused, adaptable individuals. Nurture product thinking in all team members. Here: 
    • Self-motivation will improve the performance, 
    • Focus will help them to learn/work quickly, 
    • with Adaptability they will thrive in a rapidly changing environment
  • Promote product value frequently in internal and external communities.
  • Identify and monetize all potential revenue streams as legal tender.
  • Ensure that OPEX should not exceed budget and thereby accelerate product revenue streams.
  • Develop in-depth business, technology and human experience acumen to see the ambiguity of the present and the future.
Product Lifecycle Management includes Product discovery, Strategy and roadmap development, Roadmap execution, Performance assessment, and People operations.
Click here to know more about product lifecycle management and people operations initiatives.


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