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An Entrepreneurial Product Leader who lays the foundation for an Innovation-driven product-led organization and nurtures it to deliver a frictionless human experience while analyzing business growth, overall portfolio success and team performance.

As a seasoned Product Leader and a first-generation Entrepreneur, I learnt to discover disruptive business opportunities, evaluate them with limited resources, and monetizing them into customer-loved products and high-growth businesses while establishing strong leadership and product-led growth culture. I can switch easily between thinking strategically, analytically and empathetically.

I've accomplished this 4 times in my career - by planning, developing, marketing, regulating and scaling 7 high-growth, customer-loved SaaS (enterprise/consumer) products and teams for Fortune #100 companies and market-leading Startups, and by leading and managing them through Agile, DevOps, Lean methodologies. Additionally, since 2016, I have been advising founders and product managers globally through global startup accelerators and direct access. I also offer Life skills coaching which is highly appreciated by the global audience.

These products have revolutionized related industries such as Healthcare, Cloud data management, Telecom, BFSI by providing a frictionless product experience across multiple platforms (web, mobile, hardware) powered by Intelligent Automation and state-of-the-art cloud technologies such as 
  • Microservices based Multi-tenancy systems - both platforms and business apps on hybrid cloud - aws, gcp, on-premises, and EKS, ELK, Redis, Mysql, S3 stack
  • Modern data lake platform for batch and stream processing - using Cassandra, Snowflake, Kafka etc.
  • Big data pipeline and Model orchestration funnels - using Airflow, DBT, Kubeflow, Tableau,
  • Conversational chatbots and Recommendation system - on TensorFlow, DialogFlow, 
  • IoT edge computing - AWS IoT with custom Apps, 
  • Multi-side marketplace - buyers, sellers, enablers (customized add-on service provider), 
  • Multi-protocol APIs and polygot SDKs etc.

For these products, I have:
  • led product discovery to identify promising opportunities by
    • generating market and customer intelligence through market research, competitive analysis, data analytics, domain specialist interviews, customer interviews to understand their needs, behaviour, and motivations empathetically
    • evaluating opportunities through TAM/SOM/SWOT, market window analysis (red vs blue ocean) and prioritized hypothesis analysis
    • defining problem/success, value proposition, business model, user personas, use cases, high level functional and business requirements, rapid MVP experiments.
  • become a subject matter expert by developing understanding about industrial ecosystem workflows, regulations, stakeholders and users struggles, market trends.
  • defined product vision, principles, north star and success metrics. 
  • developed strategies and multi-release product roadmap for product discovery, design, development, market-launch, regulation, commercialisation and/or growth.
  • built and nurtured (India/USA/EU based) cross-functional onsite and remote product teams from the ground-up, as an empathetic people leader in a matrix environment. 
    • coached product managers to nurture product-thinking and product-led growth culture
  • aligned all teams with product line vision, business strategy and goals. Collaboratively coordinated with global cross-functional stakeholders, partners and C-level executives.
  • executed the roadmap in collaboration with a team of high-performing product managers to achieve problem/solution fit, product/market fit, and product market expansion.
    • managed ambiguity, anticipated bottlenecks, grasp complexities and relationships between issues to get the job done
    • managed release schedules and communication in a large matrix organization
  • streamlined the cross-functional process alignment across design, engineering, data science, customer and business ops thereby improving organization efficiency and collaboration sprit.
  • monitored and analyzed key business adoption, retention and expansion metrics to identify next investment areas. Created financial forecast to predict RoI, Opex while managing product P&L. 
  • evaluated overall portfolio and teams performance against KPIs & OKRs.
  • led customer communications globally while promoting business value of products through public events, industrial meetups and online content creation.
  • excellent executive-level communication, presentation, negotiation & team coordination skill.
In my most recent assignment, where I joined as Founding Product Manager and built 8 product teams from the grassroots, I was involved in end-to-end product lifecycle management, customer development and portfolio success for 3 disruptive, large scale, customer-loved products. These products are helping hundreds of healthcare providers generate $560M GTV by serving 70 million consumers globally. I accomplished this by reducing service delivery costs (upto 50%) and incidents of human error (upto 90%) – which doubled the ROI for enterprise customers. Here, I got promoted twice, first as the head of product innovation and then chief product officer for founding a product-led organization, achieving business outcomes and outperforming contributions.


At NetApp, spearheaded the on-premises to cloud-transformation initiative for enterprise Data Management product suite called SANtricity, along with a team of 14 engineers while representing the company in fortune#100 customers meetings.

At IBM, I received the IBM Innovation Award for building a DevOps tool that saved IBM $2.2M annually. Traveled internationally to sign off UAT releases and training overseas team members.

During my graduation, I won a (100 days long) university level enterprise software development competition, which was organized and evaluated by IBM India in 2007.

My colleagues recognize me as a strong relationship builder, innovator, thought leader, and an accountable person. My superiors have recognized me as a top performing candidate within the team during all work assignments. I prefer to work with a get-things-done attitude and deliver business results by focusing on customer/stakeholder experience and market trends.

Please click respective links to review my professional timeline, portfolio, skills, and product leadership acumen.



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