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I am an Entrepreneurial Product Leader and a high potential Customer Advocate who understands  customer needs, technical and business realities, can articulate both a near-term action plan and a long-term vision while influencing the rapid achievement of milestones. I have 12+ years of excellent track record in - building high growth business, strategies, teams, and Intelligent Automation powered solutions for highly regulated industries and customers located in AP/EU/USA.

A self-starter, calm, get-things-done type individual who love solving problems, willing to get into the details where necessary, with an  exceptional ability to switch between thinking strategically, creatively and analytically while leading people with influence and expertise.

Confident that I am good at:

  • creating and evaluating opportunities through quantitative & qualitative research, and data-driven decision making 

  • modern product discovery, product delivery, and elite customer experience design

  • developing and executing strategies for business modeling, product monetization and positioning, customer development, technology and data governance

  • venture building and leadership development.

I have envisioned, monetized and grown 6 market fit SaaS solutions and, has mastered the art of delivering delightful, useful and clear experiences by balancing innovation, customer and market needs to lead organizations through change, advancement and continuous growth.

Having gained business and operational knowledge through market research, customer interaction and data analytics, I have become a subject specialist in healthcare, data management and financial ecosystems. I believe, I can repeat and accelerate such learning for any industry and product area.

In my current assignment, I have:- 

  • doubled the ROI for customers while improving end-user experience with 2X rate

  • tripled the portfolio by identifying potential market opportunities through quantitative & qualitative research, and data-driven decision making that made the product suite market-fit

  • groomed product KPIs to achieve 90% customer conversion rate and 5M monthly transactions, To reach 27M consumers globally

  • reduced market participation barriers and customer acquisition costs while managing P&L to grow business in the America, Africa, Middle East and South Asia with 10X rate
  • built 10 high-performing remote, onshore & offshore teams in product management, data science, experience design, engineering, customer operations, And nurtured them through coaching and mentoring.

I have successfully released enterprise-level cloud solutions and have defined new offerings from ideation, to definition, delivery, launch, and multi-generational releases, while leading enterprise customers and developers interactions. I have been inspiring and collaborating with distributed cross-functional teams, partners and company leaders to help customers succeed.

Earlier, I’ve received IBM Innovation Award for envisioning and developing Intelligent Automation powered DevOps tool at IBM, which accelerated the quality assurance process in financial services by 70%. At NetApp, I spearheaded the end-to-end Cloud transformation initiative for Enterprise Storage Management Solutions.

I have extensive hands-on experience in :-

  1. Business modeling, Product monetization, Customer development, and Growth strategies.
  2. End-to-end AI/Data/IoT/Cloud solution design and development through Lean & Agile methods. Have built Intelligent Automation powered solutions like Chatbots, Live Object Detection, Predictive Analytics Systems, Real-Time Data Extraction, Recommendation Systems, Wearable IoT kit etc.
  3. Standard Cloud & IoT platforms like AWS, GCP, Open source softwares, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, RDBMS, Big Data Analytics, Data Governance & Management. Coding in Java,JScript, Sql, Python.
  4. Functional understanding of Mobile, Monolithic, Serverless & Microservices architecture and container orchestration, SBC like Raspberry-pi, Lightweight M2M protocols etc.
  5. Finding solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgement to assess risks, and to lay out argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative.
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