Know Anuj


I am a high potential Customer Advocate who understands technical and business realities, can articulate both a near-term action plan and a long-term vision while influencing the rapid achievement of milestones. Grit, accountability, empathy, autonomy, self-motivation, ability to thrive in a ambiguous and rapidly changing environment etc are the core traits of my leadership style.

Confident that I am good at:

  • creating and evaluating opportunities

  • business modeling, monetization and growth

  • modern product discovery and product delivery

  • elite customer experience design

  • leading technology and data strategy

  • venture building and leadership development.

Being an Entrepreneurial Product Leader for the last decade, I have mastered the art of delivering delightful, useful and clear experiences by balancing innovation, customer and market needs to lead organizations through change, advancement and continuous growth.

I’ve worked on multi-generational releases from ideation to definition, launch, growth, legacy, And functional areas of Business development, Customer development, Experience design, Finance, Marketing, Technology.

After joining the current organization as the first product manager, I built 12 product teams of high perfor -ming individuals in product management, data science, design, engineering, customer success, and nurtured them through personal coaching & mentoring. Since then I’ve been collaborating and inspiring these distributed cross-functional teams, partners and company leaders to help customers succeed.

I have envisioned, monetized and promoted 6 market fit SaaS solutions for highly regulated industries. To become a subject specialist of these industrial ecosystems, I have gained business and operational knowledge via customer interaction, market research, and data analytics. Here, I’ve figure out solutions to hard problems with many constraints, using sound judgement to assess risks, and to lay out my argument in a well-structured, data-informed, written narrative.


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