Excerpts from life lessons


Love is not an activity or process that should be done in a specific way. Rather it is a state of mind in which a person abandons all his desires, resolutions, concerns, fears, and accept someone unconditionally (with all qualities, demerits, and physical appearance), and lives his life as a devotee while performing all duties.

Love is state of mind, in which we don't experience fear, worries, or desires. Love makes us responsible, emphatic, and devotional. Because it's not driven by desires, love bring happiness in moments and stay forever within us.

When a person loves another person unconditionally and unexpectedly, then that person will equally admire all colours of their personality. Because in love, people experience only love from their all senses, mind, and intellectuals. Love makes people peaceful, cheerful, and a wonderful human being.

When people learn to perform their duties without expectation and condition, then they experience love all around them. That's the universal principle of Karma, which is also explained by Buddha and Krishna.


Unlike other relationship, Friends accept you unconditionally, it's driven by mutual understanding and respect, and made people accountable.


The difference between people's words and their actions, represent their fear of unfulfilled desires. Everything in this outer universe is temporary, and peoples know that. That's why when people seek happiness (or things/act that drives happiness) in outer universe, they put all efforts (words/act) to grab and retain that pleasure. When they didn't feel that happiness anymore, or see it under risks, then they tends to remove all hurdles (including their words, action, and even believes) to restore their happiness. That's why people's words never aligned with their actions.


Forgive (yourself and others), Learn (with unbiased perspective), and then Forget (everything except learning). Practice it daily to stay happy and peaceful all the time.

You're a human, first. Like every human you have all rights to experience the life the ways you can enjoy it. Just remember one thing - you don't need anyone's approval or support to lead your life. You're enough, and have all sufficient things to make your life, you have come far enough and have performed very well.


Humans love only thyself. When we experience our own existence (or values) in something else (it could be person, place, or activity), we feel attracted towards that thing, and put all efforts to chase, grab, and retain it. Due to our upbirthing norms and society's where we were born, live, and grow, we recognise ourself as body, social identity, behaviour, and have learnt to use everything around us as a medium to experience thyself (someone who accept us with all flaws & virtues, understand us, never leaves us, motivate and protect us, and in who's company we experience peace, fearlessness, and eternal love). Yes, we are what we are looking for everywhere. Only we are that right person.


The work done by identifying oneself as a personality in which man neither desires result nor is affected by the ease or difficulty of work.


Trees are courageous philanthropists who live their entire lives by dedicating themselves to the worlds welfare while bearing the life's hurdel alone. Respecting them is an honor to mankind, and learning their beautiful way of living is a blessing.


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