Why some relationships last for lifetime and other not?

Wonder why some relationship stay forever and other not? Why people once in deep love, found dificult to bear each other? Why people cheat each other in relation? If you have ever experienced such situations, or found to know more than continue reading.

Humans love thyself. That's why we accept thyself with all flaws and virtues, understand and support thyself in all circumstances, care thyself, always favor our decision, console thyself, motivate and mentor thyself to achieve growth in life, and in desireless state we experience peace. When we experience our own existence (as any of above experience or the reflection of life we dream to live or a shadow of our favorite character) in someone else, we feel attracted to them, and keep pursuing them, making all efforts to adopt and sustain them in our life.

Generally, human beings forge or break relations according to their desires, duties and nature. Desire-driven relationships (such as modern love) are inspired by physical pleasure, and strongly result oriented. Duty-driven relationships (such as family/best-friend) are inspired by personal accountability, and strongly result oriented. Nature-driven relationships (*) are inspired by human's character, and are selfless and resultless.

Desires-driven relationship

A state of mind in which two (or more) people get attracted to each other, and act as a medium to fulfill their individual desires. As per human needs these desires could be categorised as: mental (loneliness, past setbacks, memories etc), physical, economical, intellectual, social, or spiritual. In such relationships, humans feel loved, cared, protected, motivated, resourceful, satisfied, accountable, mutually understood and accepted. The age of such relationships is directly proportional to the individual's ability to fulfill each other's desires.

Unfortunately, man's infatuation to desire varies over time, which affects their relationship badly. And when this happens, people feel cheated, exploited, tired, inattentive, humiliated, dissatisfied, etc. When people have such experiences again and again, they start suffering from depression, nervousness, disturbances, lack of sleep, worries, pain, loneliness.

Duty-driven relationship


Nature-driven relationship

P.S.  Desire is a term to want something or someone very strongly no matter what the outcome is. Duty in contrast, is a moral obligation to something that somebody is obliged to do for moral, legal, or religious reasons, which is thought to be selfless. Our nature is the combined expression of our personal values, identity and character.


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