Why do people in relationships often change over time?

Why does it often happen that the person who was very important to us till yesterday becomes unknown to us today ?

The root cause of this is the longing of our mind to experience happiness continuously.

According to the ancient Indian Advaita school, all of us (and the whole world) are merely physical incarnations of the blissful soul. 

Our physical body experiences this bliss through the mind and this experience of bliss is what we know as love. That is why love is the basic nature of our physical body, that is, the body does not get tired while feeling love. Whereas by experiencing sorrow or pain, we start getting tired physically and mentally because the mind has to work hard to feel them. That is why sorrow, pain, fear, worry, nervousness, anger, jealousy etc. are not our natural manifestations which we can also know by the name of pseudo-tendencies. Apart from love, fearlessness, understanding, contentment, intimacy, empathy and sacrifice can also be known by the name of our real-tendencies.

Since childhood, we have been identifying ourselves through our experiences and thoughts of others. Influenced by these experiences and thoughts, our mind makes an imaginary image of us inside itself, whose thoughts, behavior and form we keep on experiencing it well. 

Actually our mind keeps on loving that imaginary image and whenever our mind sees any person resembling our imaginary image in any person (object or act), then our innocent mind also keeps that person in love with its own existence. We make the mistake of accepting it in the form and we start feeling attraction towards that person i.e. now that person starts liking us. The intensity of this attraction varies according to the similarity between us and that person, meaning the greater the similarity, the stronger our attraction. But like us, that person also has an imaginary image inside his mind. As long as these two imaginary idols keep appearing alike, then our relationship remains happy. But the moment the mind sees such a disparity in these imaginary images that our mind (or that person's mind) never wants to accept, then our attraction towards that person (or that person's towards us) starts to end. In such a situation, the mind feels pain, distraction or deceit and with time we get separated. 


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