About me

Welcome, my dear friends!
I'm a passionate explorer and lifelong learner who loves to empower people, by delivering elite experience as per their needs and motivation.
I'm good at building relationships, strategic thinking, innovation, end-to-end technical product development and management, program management, market research - quantitative & qualitative, competitive landscape analysis, business development, creating and grooming sales funnels, mentoring and team building, leadership, decision making, delivering strategies, operational awareness, commercial projection and planning, communication, negotiating, influencing and resolving conflict etc.

Being a first generation serial entrepreneur, I've co-founded and operated 2 deep-tech ventures for Agriculture (2007 to 2008) and Healthcare (2013 to 2019) industries respectively.

With this blog, I'll share my experience of
  • discovering new opportunities and converting them into sustainable business using lean startup methodologies. 
  • acquiring industrial ecosystem knowledge and applying it to develop vision, commercial proof, forging strategic alliances for smooth launch & rapid growth, operational and strategic tasks.
  • building and managing teams across operations, product, cx, sales, marketing, finance, legal, support etc, ability to lead and inspire others.
  • launching and scaling business globally with close cooperation of distributed teams & stakeholders, customer development, venture bootstrapping and fund raising (from angels, incubators & vc).
  • end-to-end project execution, driving best-practices on researching and prototyping, leading teams through consumer experiments, including customer discovery/insights, in-market testing, and product/market fit, strong client facing verbal and written communication/negotiation etc.
You can connect with me over angel.co or cofounderslab.com or medium to join my entrepreneurial network.

Please feel free to write your questions directly to me via comments or contact form at side bar. Thanks!

Following is the short list of my learning experiments for your reference:


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